GASOPHE is a statewide organization that serves professionals, students, communities and partners. We advance excellence in health education through professional development, practice and advocacy.

GASOPHE is passionate about health education. Board members are dedicated to the field of public health education and work in various settings in Georgia. GASOPHE leads the way in advancing the health education profession through cutting edge education, advocacy for the field and priority health issues in Georgia. GASOPHE believes in local health initiatives that support transformative behavior change through local system change and community-led programs.

2020-2024 Strategic Initiatives

  • Expand the reach and impact of health education in Georgia.
  • Promote and support the health education profession statewide.
  • Build health education capacity through workforce development.
  • Maximize operational performance.
  • Improve the health outcomes of all Georgians through advocacy.
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Georgia Society for Public Health Education
Georgia Society for Public Health Education


Georgia Society for Public Health Education
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